Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) or TIG Welding

When most people hear the term welding, they think of metals being fused together, creating sparks similar to those produced by a 4th of July sparkler. This “messy” process of welding produces slag (i.e., byproducts that chips off the weld). It’s known as “Arc Welding” or “Shielded Metal Arc Welding” (SMAW) and is a very popular form of welding.

However, there is also a “clean” process of welding known as:

  • “Gas Tungsten Arc Welding” (GTAW)
  • “Gas Tungsten Arc” (GTA)
  • “Tungsten Inert Gas” (TIG) Welding
  • “heliarc welding”
  • “fusion welding”

The terms above all refer to the same thing – a clean process of welding producing no slag. This type of welding is useful for critical applications, or when it’s necessary to produce a beautiful surface finish. For more information about TIG Welding go to



Giving the highest possible weld top quality, the TIG welding procedure is just one of one of the most functional when it pertains to the material to be utilized and also its position. When it comes to weld versatility as well as honesty, this process is the best option.

TIG welding process offers the finest quality

Of all arc welding processes, metalworking-1405852_640-300x200.jpgit is the tungstel inert gas or TIG welding process that is capable of achieving the finest quality welds. It is additionally the most flexible when it comes to just what can be welded as well as the setting of the welds. Just steel inert gas (MIG) welding comes close, but TIG still comes out on top for weld versatility and also integrity. Read on as we go through the basics of this procedure, along with some of its most typical applications.

Yet much like in lots of industrial processes, top quality comes with the expense of time. TIG is generally slower compared with manual steel arc (MMA), yet where weld is important, production engineers are prepared to work with the added process time. However, there are some instances where a welded joint will use TIG together with MIG welding. As an example, when signing up with pipelines for overseas applications, TIG can be specified for the origin weld then MIG for the succeeding runs. This offers high honesty, which is very important at the origin, in addition to the high quality and also rate of MIG for the rest of the joint.

TIG welding is thought about to be a really flexible procedure. The TIG welding process specifications can virtually be made use of with any weldable steels, including different metals with thickness from half a millimeter forward. TIG welding equipments are mostly readily available in present rankings in between 150A and 350A as well as are able to run at currents as low as 3A for a 150A equipment. Additionally, TIG machines can be used for MMA welding and brazing, which must assist in improving the return on an investment in a TIG tools.

One of the most typically used gas for the TIG welding process for all products is pure argon

A combination of argon as well as helium when welding copper and also light weight aluminum since included warm is required fo helium. This the reverse of the MIG welding process, where there is a specific gas or gas mixture for a specific product to be welded. However, TIG operatives need to conscious that the best tungsten electrode needs to be utilized. Or else, issues can be run into in striking the arc and preserving a secure arc. TIG can be maded with or without a filler cable, just like oxyacetylene gas welding.

One of the many benefits of TIG welding is that the wold just processes high integrity and give a visual surface coating

Subsequently, welds can primarily be left as is without any requirement for grinding. This is helpful when it pertains to time conserved, and also it prevents issues with grinding in website, like dirt as well as noise. Depending upon the TIG welding material made use of, the operative could have control over the majority of the weld criteria, for that reason optimizing the weld quality. Modern TIG source of power are lighter as well as more portable compared to typical unis, so on-site TIG welding is prevalent. For more information about TIG welding process go to

TIG Welding Techniques For The Best Welds

If you are learning TIG welding strategies or are just trying to be a TIG welder, the last point that needs to come near speedmetalworking-1405852_640 is the hand feeding the rod. In kindergarten, most of us discovered the best ways to hold a huge pastel and also this is not too different from holding a TIG lantern.

If the hand that feeds the filler pole is a bit of a slow-moving learner, a really thin glove helps. If you’re having issues really feeling the wire, attempt mechanical gloves or woven cotton hand-wear covers. Below are a lot more techniques as well as ideas to help you out.

TIG Welding Techniques

Pick the Right-Size TIG Welding Pole

For sheet metal approximately 1/8-inch thick, do not utilize a welding pole bigger than the density of the metal you’re welding. The amperage is reduced as well as the weld puddle should be little to stop blowing a hole.

When you dip the pole right into the puddle, the rod draws the warm from the pool, making it tough to preserve a consistent dimension bead. It is best that newbies need to not exercise with slim metal.

TIG Lantern Handle Should be 10 Levels or Less

Ideally, the torch angle should just determine around 10 levels or less. If you have too much lantern angle, the warmth will certainly be deflected and also the pole will certainly melt even before you get involved in the puddle.

This will certainly trigger the rod to ball up as well as blog into the puddle. You wish to slip the filler rod right into the pool so you get a regular bead. Exemptions to this consist of when you’re using an ordinary cord technique and also are leaning the torch back while you stroll the cup.

Never ever Let a Sphere Type at the Rod End

If this takes place, you are doing glitch. It could be because, you are looking an arc that’s also long, excessive torch angle, bad filler pole angle, inadequate amperage or a mix of these points.

One of the most common of these among newbies are utilizing too much torch angle as well as well long an arc. A long arc implies warm is not concentrated as well as you get this huge heated arc plume like you would get with a gas soldering iron.

TIG Welding Refine

Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes are Contaminated

Many individuals state 2% thoriated tungsten electrodes are gently contaminated, however 2% lanthanated electrodes are just as excellent as 2% thoriated. So if you are frightened if thoriated tungsten yet you are much more scared of crappy electrodes that don’t work as well, usage 2% lanthanated (they are tinted blue).

Bear in mind that the blue ones are not brittle like 2% thoriated electrodes. Additionally, they splinter if you attempt to damage them or trim with dykes. For more information about TIG Welding Techniques go to

A Complete Guide To Buying Orbital Welding Equipment

Orbital welding is an economical and feasible technique for linking stainless steel tubing, especially in applications where high performance, optimum leakage honesty, ultra tidiness, as well as vibration resistance is of utmost value.

It is not a shock, after that, TIG-Welder-Reviews-2015_s-Best-TIG-Weldersthat more and more companies are opting for this system to get their works done. If you are taking into consideration orbital welding, it is important to bear in mind that not all systems are alike. You can take steps to earn certain that the selection of tools that will certainly fulfill your particular requirements while making best use of effectiveness and also efficiency.

Choose The Right Orbital Welding System

Keep in mind that price is not the main component of whether an orbital welding system is right for your application. There is very little difference in rate among orbital welding systems, however the capabilities of every system can be extremely various. An orbital welding system is a capital investment.

Identify if the system is designed in a fashion that permits adjustments, like the acceptance of brand-new software program. It is essential that you examine exactly what every system could offer; you would certainly not wish to invest on something that renders itself out-of-date after simply a couple of years.

For one, you have to make certain that you get systems with the most effective functions, or those that fit your needs best. Below are some capacities to think about when getting orbital welding tools sale:

Factors To Consider When Getting Orbital Welding Tools

– Wheelchair: There are some systems that are portable as well as lightweight, while others are bulkier. If you need to move into tight spaces or traveling, choose the lighter weight model, so you could rapidly and also easily removal from one task to one more.

– Power: Think about input and result capabilities: Some systems result 100 amps from a 110 V/20 amp line. Others call for a 110 V/30 amp line to develop the exact same 100 amp result. If you make use of traditional source of power as well as want to avoid upgrades, get systems that can be powered by 110 V/20 amp lines.

– Weld head and fixture flexibility: In orbital welding tubes to fittings or tube to valves or comparable combinations, you desire a system where the weld heads as well as fixtures could easily be adjusted for a quick configuration change.

There are some fixtures that can be uncoupled and also reconfigured to suit a series of weld configurations. Removable components and also remote controls allow joints to be pre-positioned and also allow orbital welding to be performed in tight locations. For more information about Orbital Welding Equipment go to


TIG Welding: Tips To Properly Weld Sheet Metal

TIG welding has so many applications; one of one of the most common is in the aeronautics and airline company markets. In such work, TIG welders typically use weld sheet

If you are welding sheet steel for aircraft applications, or for any other that you could think  of, take into consideration the following TIG welding tips to make sure that you obtain the excellent quality job that is needed.

Simply Adhere to These Simple TIG Welding Tips

Comply with general rule

To estimate required warm outcome, utilize the rule 1 amp each 1 thousandths inch of carbon steel thickness. Stainless-steel and also various other nickel-based steels require much less heat due to the fact that nickel is a poor warm conductor. For magnesium and also aluminum, which are outstanding conductors, boost heat outcome slightly.

Chill out

Make use of copper chill bats with argon ports. Both the copper and gas draw warm far from the weld area. While it’s fine to utilize a copper footwear attached to a steel framework, ensure you configure the bar so the copper touches the well-meant.

Take care that you do not place copper in direct web content with cobalt enables as this may create problems in high-temperature applications.

Cover your behind

When welding sheet steel, treat most applications like titanium. Titanium always needs shielding the behind of the weld to stop oxidation. In thin applications, protecting gas on the behind of the weld decreases heat result.

It additionally boosts weld quality by getting rid of steel surface area blemishes that could possibly provide cracking high fatigue applications. For more Information about TIG Welding go to

What are the Various Orbital Welding Applications?

Orbital welding applications is growing increasingly more as we recognize the advantages of this welding kind. Discover more regarding orbital welding tools, application and also materials.

Orbital welding provides high quality welds

Orbital welding is an unique area of welding where the arc is mechanically revolved 360 levelsfile0002065036796-768x576 around a static job item in a continual process. This process was created to address the problems on operator mistake in gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) processes. In orbital welding, computer-controlled process runs with just extremely little treatment from the driver. This process is specifically used for top quality, repeatable welding The orbital welding procedure was invented much more than 50 years ago as a way to fix the issue of driver error in GTAW. Keep reading as we learn a lot more about orbital welding applications, equipment, procedure as well as products.

The major components of each orbital welding maker as the controller as well as source of power, the welding head and also a cord food system. Welding materials of particular kinds as well as sizes also needs making use of a water or coolant system. There are numerous orbital welding equipment factors that can have an influence on the welding outcome. These facets include the size, arc length and pulse frequency of the welding existing, thermal conductivity, welding rate, weld preparation, inert protecting gas, filler material and parent material. Inevitably, a top quality weld is achieved by means of in-depth understanding of the best ways to precisely change these specifications for individual welding job.

It’s difficult to achieve the highest possible standards of safety as well as top quality in manual welding.

This is since of particular welding settings, that commonly lead to damaged welds due to limited gain access to in these positions. To have complete control over the weld pool, an excellent equilibrium ought to be preserved between gravitational pressure and also surface stress at each torch position. By utilizing mechanized variants of the method, specific components of the welding procedure are handled by mechanical components. Remember that a welder will always control and also monitor the procedure. Preferably, all welding parameters is programmed prior to welding starts. Nevertheless, in practice, the presence of variable restrictions suggests it’s mostly necessary for the welder to make restorative treatments. For more information about orbital welding applications go to


TIG welding aluminum can be hard, especially for newbies. Here are some practical TIG welding light weight aluminum ideas and also equipment to assist you develop high quality weld jobs.

Know TIG welding aluminum ideas

TIG welding aluminum could be an obstacle, particularly those with little or no experience ship-458349_640in welding aluminum, or even welding in general. This procedure entails getting 2 items of aluminum to stick together without breaking, shriveling, warping or fracturing. Below are some helpful tig welding light weight aluminum tips to aid you learn ways to bond aluminum faster than you would certainly have or else. Below is a list of the equipment that you require.

1. TIG welder

Lots of sources state a TIG welder is the very best technique for welding aluminum. TIG welders are rather costly and it can be tough to warrant even the most affordable high quality devices unless you’re earning money with it. The most expensive systems included functions that improvise high quality welds on light weight aluminum possible. There are additionally bottom-of-the-line welders that is terrific for farmers or hobbyists. Know that sufficient welds could still be made with a less costly equipment. Yet with a more expensive one, you get even more amperage, water cooling, square wave AC, frequency change as well as change of favorable to unfavorable present for much better infiltration and cleansing.

2. Good welding gloves

Invest in top quality welding gloves; these will certainly go a lengthy means. Utilizing those affordable ones will just cause excruciating sores.

3. Great welding headgear

Specialists suggest that you obtain the gold tinted auto-darkening helments. although they could be expensive. Of training course, you could still use those common welding safety helmets; just make certain that you utilize them right.

4. Argon gas

Mixes will certainly not benefit aluminum, expect for an argon-helium mix. Never ever take the container from MIG welding aluminum to use on your TIG welder since it will not operate at all. You will only make a bunch of burnt residue and also metal. For more information about TIG welding aluminum go to