TIG Welding Techniques For The Best Welds

If you are learning TIG welding strategies or are just trying to be a TIG welder, the last point that needs to come near speedmetalworking-1405852_640 is the hand feeding the rod. In kindergarten, most of us discovered the best ways to hold a huge pastel and also this is not too different from holding a TIG lantern.

If the hand that feeds the filler pole is a bit of a slow-moving learner, a really thin glove helps. If you’re having issues really feeling the wire, attempt mechanical gloves or woven cotton hand-wear covers. Below are a lot more techniques as well as ideas to help you out.

TIG Welding Techniques

Pick the Right-Size TIG Welding Pole

For sheet metal approximately 1/8-inch thick, do not utilize a welding pole bigger than the density of the metal you’re welding. The amperage is reduced as well as the weld puddle should be little to stop blowing a hole.

When you dip the pole right into the puddle, the rod draws the warm from the pool, making it tough to preserve a consistent dimension bead. It is best that newbies need to not exercise with slim metal.

TIG Lantern Handle Should be 10 Levels or Less

Ideally, the torch angle should just determine around 10 levels or less. If you have too much lantern angle, the warmth will certainly be deflected and also the pole will certainly melt even before you get involved in the puddle.

This will certainly trigger the rod to ball up as well as blog into the puddle. You wish to slip the filler rod right into the pool so you get a regular bead. Exemptions to this consist of when you’re using an ordinary cord technique and also are leaning the torch back while you stroll the cup.

Never ever Let a Sphere Type at the Rod End

If this takes place, you are doing glitch. It could be because, you are looking an arc that’s also long, excessive torch angle, bad filler pole angle, inadequate amperage or a mix of these points.

One of the most common of these among newbies are utilizing too much torch angle as well as well long an arc. A long arc implies warm is not concentrated as well as you get this huge heated arc plume like you would get with a gas soldering iron.

TIG Welding Refine

Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes are Contaminated

Many individuals state 2% thoriated tungsten electrodes are gently contaminated, however 2% lanthanated electrodes are just as excellent as 2% thoriated. So if you are frightened if thoriated tungsten yet you are much more scared of crappy electrodes that don’t work as well, usage 2% lanthanated (they are tinted blue).

Bear in mind that the blue ones are not brittle like 2% thoriated electrodes. Additionally, they splinter if you attempt to damage them or trim with dykes. For more information about TIG Welding Techniques go to www.danscertifiedwelding.com


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